About Us

Our background is farming and this makes us different from most butchers, with our customers enjoying meat that is particularly tender. Why? Because we understand how rearing, handling and transporting an animal affects the texture of meat.

A healthy animal that has lived in a natural, low-stress environment will produce the most tender meat. Everything we do, from our farming methods right through to animal transport, is geared towards creating quality, tender meat.

Most of the meat we use comes directly from our own farm in Twynholm, just a few miles from the Ballards Butchers shop. We are traditional beef and sheep farmers and our animals benefit from the lush, rich, grassy landscapes that Galloway is famous for. As far as possible we grow and create everything ourselves - all our lambs are finished on grass and we grow our own barley for winter animal feed.

For meat we don’t farm, such as pork and game, we work directly with other local farmers or estates, carefully selecting those that rear healthy animals in low stress environments.

Our commitment to ensuring quality at every stage extends to the butchery too. We produce all our own butchery products - from award winning pies to tasty ready meals such as lasagnes.

If you have any questions about our products or meat please get in touch, we are always happy to chat with our customers.

We hope you enjoy shopping with Ballards Butchers and, more importantly, we hope you enjoy tucking into the top quality, tender meat we produce.

The Hairy Bikers at Ballards butchers
The Hairy Bikers at Ballards
Ballards Butchers Shop
Ballards Butchers Shop
Prince Charles visiting Castle Douglas
Prince Charles visiting Castle Douglas


We are very proud of the awards we have won:

2019/20 Scottish Champion - Scottish Pork Sausage Championship

2019/20 South West Scotland Champion - Scottish Haggis Championship
2019/20 South West Scotland Champion - Scottish Pork Sausage Championship

2012 Scotch pie Gold award
2012 Meat Bridie Gold award
2012 Game Pie Silver award
2012 Cheesy haggis Bronze award

2007 Scotch pie Silver award

2006 Savour the flavour gold award for best place to shop
Presented by Nick Nairn.

2006 Rosti lamb pie Diamond award